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April 03 2019

Hells Yes WhiskeyDick is Kicking off 2019 with a Resto-Modifications on the Reverend Johnson and Finally Got out of that NIGHTMARE of a DODGE PROMASTER VAN and Replaced it with a Brand New 2019 Chevy Express Van 6.0l Our 1st 12 inch Vinyl Record "Decaded Under The Influence" is now avalible at our yeehaw store also Check out our tour dates for a city near you. WhiskeyDick has been hammering it down writing their 7th studio album "Victory or Death" release goal... One day it will happen. Plus 2019 Marks 14 Years of WhiskeyDick!!! Thank you all for your continued support can't wait to party with everyone again. Reverend Johnson and Fritz

12" Record Pre-Sale !

June 30th 2016

Half of 2016 is already half way through and we have traveled some miles and been having a damn good time leaving empty bottles as souvenirs all over Europe. We Just Got Back to the USA and we roll out on Sunday and play with Reverend Horton Heat and Finnish the Hot Sauce Tour August 4th with Gallows Bound. Then Start Thrashin' the Honk Tour With Archer on August 6th - August 20th! Hell YeeHaw can't wait to see all y'all soon!!

Feb. 4th 2016, Howdy Folks, Reverend Johnson and Fritz here preparing for yet another none stop bad ass year.

1st on the list for 2016 is accomplishing one of our dreams releasing WhiskeyDick's first 12inch Vinyl Record which will be titled (A Decade Under The Influence). We are hand-crafting some one of a kind custom limited edition wooden Box Sets. It will include all 8 of our cd's and 1 surprise disc. (Only 50 will be made) Also you will receive our Vinyl Record after they are pressed for buying this box set. All sales from these 50 custom box sets are going towards purchasing our very 1st Vinyl release in which we have been trying to do every since we started this band 11 years ago.

2nd: We have had a lot of people ask us for the guitar tabs and sheet music for our songs, and since neither one of us can read music or write tabs we’ve decided to shoot a brand new youtube series called “WhiskeyDick Pickin’” Where we show anybody that wants to learn how to play our songs starting in mid Feb. 2016.

3rd: We're about to kick off another 8 month Insane world touring season beginning March 11, 2016.

January. 07 -08 Recording, mixing and mastering - Lawyer Tom
January. 22-30 (Not a Tour a Little Run)
February. 15 -19 Recording, mixing and mastering - Samm Bones
February 22 - February 26 Writing and Recording Demo for ??????!!!! (Secret mission)
March 12 - April 19 (Wild and Wonderful, Are We Crazy Tour?) East / South USA Tour
April 27th - June 27 (Hot Sauce Tour) Europe / United Kingdom
June 29 - August 4 (Hot Sauce Tour with Gallows Bound) USA
August 06 - August 20 (THrashin' the Honk Tour with Artcher) USA
August 26 - Septempber 4th (Run to the Mudd ) Muddy Roots Tennesse USA
September 5th - ??? November 2nd - Dec 11 (WhiskeyDick’s Big Ass World Tour) Dec 15th - January 31 ( WHiskeyDick will Record there 7th WhiskeyDick Studio Album

If you would like to book WhiskeyDick please contact one of our agents.

For the United States Booking contact

For All Europe & Overseas booking contact
or email Freek@redrumour.com

Sep 9th 2015

Reverend Johnson Was interviewed by Epiphone Guitars. Check out what Reverend had to say about the guitars he uses and the relentless touring life of the DIY band. Click Here

August 15th 2015 - WhiskeyDick broke through a barrier and made the front page on the itunes country new releases with their new album "The Bastard Sons of Texas" and it is the number 1 Album on Itunes Alternative Country Charts 2 weeks running! July 13 2015 WhiskeyDick will kick off their Heavy Metal Honky Tonk World Tour
July 17 through November 21 2015
Check out our tour dates here
for U.S.A. and Europe !

WhiskeyDick has signed a record deal with Rusty Knuckles Music Label and will be Releasing their 6th Studio Album
"The Bastard Sons of Texas"
on July 28th 2015

We are proud to announce the Reverend Johnson
has been endorsed by Epiphone Guitars!

Febuary 19 2015

"We are proud to announce InTune Guitar Pick, Inc has Endorsed Reverend Johnson and Fritz!!!!" The "Straight from Texas" Tour is almost here!! March 18th through June 14th we'll be playing 12 countries. In April, we'll be releasing a LIMITED EDITION compilation CD titled, "Welcome to YeeHaw County." This CD will be released under our own label, YEEHAW RECORDS, and will only be available in Europe in CD format. In July, we'll be releasing our 6th studio Album "The Bastard Sons of Texas" under the Rusty Knuckles label. Another USA and European tour will follow. Stay Tuned!! Hell YeeHaw!!

Get your copy of WhiskeyDick's New Album "FROM THE DEVIL'S BOOTS" AVAILABLE now at our online store and all Digital stores.
Itunes --------OR-------- Amazon Mp3


Back in the USA from the Europe leg of the tour. We had one hell of a party for 2 months and Thanks to our Bad Ass, Partying' Down, Raisin' Hell Good Time Fans demanding an Encore every single show!! Goddamn Y'all Made us feel Loved! This has never Happened to us playin' an Encore 42 shows in a row and we we're 4,000 miles away from home.. So HELL YEEHAW we had to buy our plane tickets for the next Europe Tour this year August 26th - October 26th! "A BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR TEAM!!!" We have to Thank our Tour Management Company "RED RUMOUR" and our Manager / Right Hand Man "Freek" at Red Rumour for all the hard work booking 42 shows in Europe! And Thanks to our Tour Manager / Roadie "Johnny Holland" for Driving , Loading us in and out every night, Selling our Merch making sure we never had an empty glass while we were on Stage and taking care of us through it all. Extra Props pulling off Triple Duty when we played with your band Dirt-A-GoGo!! Thanks to John Number 2 in Basque Country for putting us up for a week and all the Killer Shows and promotions being our GPS until we could buy one. We can't wait to party with you again! Thanks to Buried me in Smoke Productions for the Bad Ass Time in England! Thanks to Mark at Black Market Art and Lowbrow Art Company For the killer Tour T-Shirts,Bandana's and Thanks to Wade for shipping all our online orders for us! We couldn't have done it with out y'all Big Love!!

Now Fritz and I are back to reality doing it all on our own for the USA Leg of the Straight from Texas World Tour !!! It's time to Kick the Tires and Light the Fires Come On!!

"WHISKEYDICK" Join Forces with "RUSTY KNUCLES MUSIC" record label to release a Split 7 inch and a Full Lentgh in 2015!

EUROPE is all most fully booked but we have a few available dates open if you want WHISKEYDICK to come play in your COUNTRY please email Freek "freek@redrumour.com" "RED RUMOUR OVERSEA'S TOURING MANAGEMNET" has Signed us to there Roster! We can't thank Freek enough for his support and drive he has for us! Freek took a big gamble on us and took a loss and considered it a investment!

December 1st 2014

181 Days 33 States 6 Countries and 61,333 Miles Traveled "FROM THE DEVILES BOOT TOUR IS COMPLETE!!! that is driving aroung the world pole to pole twice earth's circunference is 24,859.82 miles HELL YEEHAW 6 Months No Break! Just Break Downs

Nov 2nd 2014

HELL YEEHAW WHISKEYDICK HAD A BLAST IN EUROPE.. We had so much fun and a great responce that we have are next tour all most booked for March 16th - May 4th 2015.. From the Devil's Boots Tour ends Nov 23rd

June 29th 2014

WE HAVE ADDED SOME OF THE EUROPE DATES TO OUR TOUR CALANDER. We meet up once again with our Crusty Swamp Blues Band Black Eyed Vermillion and Tour to Farmageddon Records Music Fest Playing double duty July 10 -13th in WISCONSIN. WhiskeyDick is also playing Bayfest in Green Bay, Beaman Fest in Dixon, Il and the Waukeye Music Fest in Iowa. this Summer.

June 26th 2014

From The Devil's Boots has been unleashed and we have had a hell of a response from everyone! WE have been on this tour for a couple of weeks but we putting the hammer down and going for the long haul we will stay out on tour till Thanksgiving will only be home at the End of Sep for a Week. We also will crossing the pond for the 1st time a dream come true for us Texas Boys that our music is taking us oversea's From August 19th - Sep 9th tour dates will be posted soon.. Don't forget to check out our youtube tv show HELL YEEHAW TEEVEE !!! On a personal note not many people see all the work that we put into this Band to make a living at it . We do 98% of it ourselves and have worked our asses off from Building our own websites, Booking Shows, Merch,our online store, Driving, unloading , Loading gear, Selling merch, Playin Show after Show, Recording, Mixing and Mastering our CD's .. and No I anit’ Bitching or Bragging.. It's been a slow climb making a name for our selves that's because we let the music do the talkin’ we have no ego's.. Fritz and I have been playing over a decade together we wrote the song Rebel Flags and Whiskey Back in 2003 then I got lost and quit playing the guitar for a year or so and a Tragedy happened that got me to pull out a Acoustic Guitar from the Closet and start playing again.. The 1st person I called was Fritz and said I want jam with ya he was still in a bad ass metal band called speakeasy and they were nominated for best metal band of the year DamangePlan won that award in Dallas that year but Fritz said hell yeah lets jam. A good friend of ours Andy was throwing a WhiteTrash Bash for his friend Paige and asked us to play we didn’t have a band name at that time and we had 2 weeks to put together a set and on Oct 8ish 2005 we played our 1st show at the golden nugget in Arlington, Tx .. It wa snot until we we’re on our way to our 6th show Fritz yelled form the Back Seat I got our band name he yelled “WHISKEYDICK” I remember like it was yesterday I didn’t really like it our driver Apache was like yeah that is awesome I thought about it for a minute was like it’s offensive, you will remember that name and we like to drink so i said okay Fritz called the club will we’re driving there and said the band name is WHISKEYDICK we never imangend how that name would haunt us and hold us back but at the same time help us and people found us cause of the name.. People are judgemental 90% of time and think we’re a joke until we play it’s been a constent battle proving we are not a joke and it gets pretty old when people think it’s funny to wright your name in drawn with Dicks .. We can’t even play Billy Bob’s Texas cause of it well 4 month’s later Andy passed away and thats why we celebrate or bands anniversary with a white trash bash every Oct cause he got us our 1st show …We wrote rebel flags and whiskey 11 years ago but this is our 9th year of playing shows.. We have lived our songs .. People ask us what is our style . We honestly don’t know we just write songs we play it all a good song is a good song…But There is a lot of Southern Metal in my riffs, Blues soul and I am a Ballad writer It's in my blood Fritz is a story tellar and has a dixieland swing rhythm guitar style that nobody plays like and that Low southern Texas Draw Voice and with my ADD I can't sit still I believe is why my hands move all over the neck of the Guitar instead of playing the chords I'm of in my own little world neither of us can read music I can't read tabs cause of my ADD and dyslexia problems.. I don't write solo's I just play let my soul heart sing so they are always different every night. I believe thats what make us play so well together it's magic and a lot of sound from 2 acoustics and 1 vocal.. We are not trying to play a genre of music we are not outlaw's Willie, Waylon, Cash, Hag, Jones, Williams exe...exe... We're the outlaws and are bad asses ..As a true musician you don't wan't to be a certain genre. ... We both have deeply southern, Rock and Country Roots, Southern Metal and Blues, Motown, R&B and soul.. We were called METALNECK'S back home from a great DJ friend of our's then somebody saw it written on our merch box and stole it from us.. Oh well we have had a lot of shit stolen from us even our songs but we finally got that handled and are copyrighted with US copyright office now.. So if you wanted to know what our style of music is we call it YEEHAW !!! Back in the days the farmers would yell Yee for the mule to go left and Haw to go right and when the cowboys had a few drinks in the local Saloons they would yell YEEHAW to raise a little hell.. Our music style is from the left and the right all over the damn place and we've been known to raise a little hell so thats is why we have Branded ourselves as YEEHAW MUSIC.... We built our own Studio and Called it YEEHAW SOUND started our own Label called YEEHAW RECORDS our youtube show is called Hell YEEHAW TEEVEE our online store is YEEHAW STORE we are WhiskeyDick From YeeHaw County …So Welcome to YEEHAW COUNTY… The fakes and lier’s will always fade away they might jump up quick and get known for a minute but there true colors will eventually show and fall hard and quick.. Fritz and I love playing music we play 200 plus show’s a year and have been doing it for 9 years and have let the music spread the word not asking people to become our friend on Facebook .. We always said if the music is good the people will share it to others and that’s how we got 99% of all our fans by word of mouth and that’s why our fan’s are our fuckin’ family!!!!!! ...Never stop Beleiving and your never to old to chase your dream.. IF our music has made someone laugh, Cry, feel good to be alive, helped anybody through tuff times, and ya had a hell of a goodtime singing our songs drunk in the middle of the night with a few of your friends.. Then I have lived my dream and if i should pass I will die a happy musician.. Life is not forever But a song Lives forever... Reverend Johnson

March 15th 2014

100% Drunk Live Album and WhiskeyDick it Happens Ep Double album on one cd releases today. Hell YeeHaw March 20 we kick off our spring tour with Bob Wayne and Walker and the Texas Dangers and then we head west. Check our Tour page of more info.. We get home May 10th and finally release our "From the Devil's Boots" Album on June 7th at Bronco's in Hurst Texas .. Then head back on that ol' hwy for the PondStock Festival in Nebraska and Farmaggedon Fest We'll Be back home end of July.. ""AUGUST WHISKEYDICK INVADES EUROPE, AUGUST EUROPE TOUR DATES COMING SOON!

Feb 27th 2014

Hell YeeHaw ! It's been one busy winter now were ready to kick some ass we have 4 albums done and we are recording number 5 can't wait for y'all to hear them! We kick off the 100% Drunk Tour with our Double live album cd Release at Bronco's March 15th in Hurst Texas and hiting the West and the Mid West of the US will be back May 10th. Then we will be Releasing Album number 3 and starting our tour on June 7th called From the Devils Boots will be back home in August. Septmember will head west agian with another Release. Welcome to YeeHaw County. We are honered to be playing The Moonrunners and Farmageddon Festivals 2014..

Nov 10th 2013

We're deep into the recording process here at YEEHAW SOUND.. We can't thank y'all enough for everyones help getting these records recorded. We are also Launching the debut of our Hell YeeHaw Show on Youtube starting Tuesday Dec 3rd. We've got a few shows while were intown here in Texas through the year so check our Tour page for more details. PLus On Dec 1st all our facebook pages will be terminated except for Official WhiskeyDick Facebook Page so please feel free to like our page and follow us on ONE page. 08/21/13 Broke Down, Busted and need a Kickstart

As many of y'all know we had to cancel this last tour of the year do to Mama Pearl breaking her rear end she has been so good to us for thousands of miles and many years and she will return again! We also bought us a 27ft Rv that we worked on everyday trying to get her road ready we sunk every dime we had to get our Rv Aka "LuLu Hogg" on that Ol' Hwy but we feel short but she's getting close. Since October of 2012 we have been building our own Recording Studio and we finished it July 1st 2013 and we were planing on buying all the recording gear after this last tour of the year and start recording our 5 Album From the Devils Boots and our 6th Untitled digital download only album on Oct 1st. But as all good story's go it has got real bad real quick had to cancel our tour witch is just killing us not because of money because we feel like we have failed, we don't like letting our friends and fans down and we fuckin' love playing music all over this great country. So now were Broke Down, Busted and in need a Kickstart. We are starting a WhiskeyDick Kickstarter Campaign to help us get back on the right side of the track Were trying to reach $4,500 to finish buying our recording equipment and getting our 5th album pressed and 6th Album released any thing raised over 4,500 will be going to our touring vehicles to be repaired and ready for that open road again. All were missing is the recording gear ,Condenser Mics, 16 channel preamp interface , Imac computer and recording , editing and mastering software, Cables, 16 channel snake, Stands and exc... our plan is to be Releasing the 2 Albums in Feb and March and Touring the rest of the year off those albums to catch up and make ends meet. Will post when we have launched the Campaign next week.. And Sep 1st WhiskeyDick KickStarter Show at Bronco's in Hurst Texas 7pm! And by the way if you wanted to know the name of our studio it is "YEEHAW SOUND" We love y'all and can't wait to see all y'all again Fritz and Reverend Johnson


May 1,2013

WHISKEYDICK is finally on Itunes and Amazon Mp3. You can buy entire albums or just the songs you want...straight to your Computer! Hell Yeah, Come On!
1st "Rebel Flags and Whiskey"
2nd "First Class White Trash"
3rd "Drunk As Hell"
Itunes --------OR-------- Amazon Mp3

May 8th 2013

WhiskeyDick is back on a U.S.A. tour May 8th - July 1st hitting 16 states Tx, Ok, Ar, Mo, IL, Wi, Mi, Oh, Wv, Ny, Vt, Pa, Nc, Tn, Co and Nebraska for PondStock! Also at the end of July we will be playing back in Montana for Farmageddon Fest II will be touring with our Crust Blues Punk band "Black Eyed Vermillion" and Izzy Cox to Farm Fest II and on the way back home Touring with Scott H. Biram. And in August will be hitting the road for BeamFest in IL. We got a busy Summer and lots of bad ass shows it's time to rock and roll. Hell YeeHaw see y'all crazy whiskey manics on the road! Fritz and Reverend Johnson

Jan. 21st 2013

WhiskeyDick, Black Eyed Vermillion and Scott H. Biram Tour Jan 30 -Feb 16 check our tour calander for cities near you. We got an Endorsement Deal Thank you Steve Clayton Pics we need this! check them out at steveclayton.com

July 23th 2012

Farmageddon Fest 2012 was history in the making they have something very special going on there and we were honored to be apart of this. In our eyes this was one of the best concerts we have ever seen it was the real deal. All the bands that joined together for this had no ego's that is unheard of these days. Thank You All ! And most of all Farm Fest Fans we Thank you for your support it was amazing!

July 24th 2012

WHISKEYDICK home coming show September 1st at The Rail Club for it's 2 year Anniversary in Fort Worth with Honky ! September 2nd @ Bronco's in Hurst WHISKEYDICK's first annual Sausage Fest with bands MadDog , Alepeno , Walker Texas Danger, WHISKEYDICK , HONKY and Five Fingered Fist . $5.00 cover includes plate of food (hot dogs , brats and hot links with fixin's and sides) . Show starts @ 4 p.m. Sponsers : WHISKEYDICK , Left of Center Productions and Basham Entertainment

May 6th 2012

Fritz and Reverend Johnson are both healing from surgeries and gearing up for the release of "The Wicked Roots" album and tour starting May 18th 2012

April 30th 2012

Whiskeydick temporarily took a break due to Fritz and Reverend Johnson having unexpected major surgeries. We would like to thank our Family, Friends and Fans for all the love and support. With out y'all we would not have survived! And now...May 18th at Bronco's in Hurst WhiskeyDick is back with the release of their new album "The Wicked Roots" followed by a tour through September 1st. We will be releasing the album on Itunes and Amazon one week in early on May 11th for all you die hards out there. We are excited about playing again! This has been a really tough year on us and we want to kick it's ass for the rest of 2012. Check the tour dates for details. If we're not playing near you, email us the city, state, and venue, bar or dive where we can play, hell we'll even play your Front Yard !

January 1st 2012

Order your Whiskeydick albums, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Thongs, Shot Glasses, Patches and Stickers here at
FnA-Nterprys The Only Official Online Store for WHISKEYDICK Merchandise you and I can Trust In !


Dec 7th 2011

We just got back from Austin, Tx. where we recorded "The Wicked Roots" album. We will be releasing it in the spring of 2012. Plus were still writing the album "From the Devil's Boots" coming soon! And we'll be releasing an ITUNES only Album of songs we've written but never recorded called "Zombie Food"!
2012 is gonna be a big year for WHISKEYDICK come on!

Check This Out !

We are proud and honored that Corey "GROG" Dalrymple is filming a WhiskeyDick Documentary! You can check out some of the clips on youtube at www.youtube.com/whiskeydickcam

June 9th, 2010

Get your free WhiskeyDick Ringtones by Clicking here come on !.

"Booking Info"

WhiskeyDick is avalible to play at Barns, Bars, Living Rooms, Flat Bed trailers, private parties, clubs, or sports bars. We can play anywhere you want us to play and we have our own P.A. if needed. Contact us if you want WhiskeyDick to come and play for y'all !




December 15, 2009

We would like to thank the Men and Women in our United States Armed Forces!


Fritz and Reverend Johnson.